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Size = 4.2 Mb


Two movies showing GFP expression in dividing cells in the AB (left) and D (right) founder cell lineages in embryos of strain UL129, generated by transformation with a pes-1::gfp fusion.

Size = 3.4Mb

Expression is first seen after 100 minutes of development when there are 44 cells in the embryo. Therefore the first few seconds of the movies appear blank until expression begins. Ian Hope captured these images in monochrome, but false colour has been added to the movie concentrating on the AB lineage, to mimic the colour of GFP.


The QTVR movie of a UL129 embryo (below) was captured by Bill Mohler in his laboratory in Connecticut. (For more examples of Bill's images visit his web site.) These are large movies but worth the wait. After downloading, the left and right images can be rotated about the x and y axis respectively, at any time point. (Navigate through the movie by grab and drag, using the arrow keys on your key board or clicking in the margins of the image. To move forwards and backwards in time, navigate right and left respectively. To rotate the images, navigate up and down.)

Size = 150Mb !!!


A movie showing early embryonic development (recorded in brightfield by Andrew Lynch).

Size = 800Kb

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